Welcome to Cavallo Island,

Welcome to Cavallo Island. We are here to provide the best accomodation and services for your holiday. Before navigate on the other pages, let us ask you a question:

how much you know about Cavallo Island?

You probably need to know that when one arrives first on the island, the immediate sensation is stunning: something new penetrate the normal experiences of senses, and the feeling is a limpid and pleasant dissolution of all the everyday conflicts and angers; from the most imperceptible stress to the last stiffened fiber of the body. The Island may be sold as a natural resort onto the seaside, or as a normal place where to restore before returning to work. The reality is that the Island is much more: a promise of total rejuvenation. It is said that the Island is capable of changing your idea of holiday, in a way you will never be able to enjoy a normal vacation as before. We believe those voices are right. Cavallo Island is magic!

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We wish the Island will welcome you with its magic atmosphere, romantic sunsets, and bright Caribbean beaches. ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ the island is a place where relax, privacy and comfort unite in one of the most biologically various environment of the Mediterranean. Add one important piece in the jigsaw of your life; come and feel the sensation of freedom and wilderness in an oasis guarded by the snow white peaks of Corsica. Let’s live an unforgettable experience together, here in Cavallo Island.

Welcome to Cavallo Island, where day and dream joy, for the pleasue of senses.

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