The Island

A unique holiday

Few locations on the Earth offer the chance to escape from the crowd and to relax in peace. Cavallo Island is one of these locations.

When the guests of the island come on Cavallo, they say it is like “crossing a wonderful threshold”… or “it is like crossing a border which brings you to a new horizon”.

There is really something absolutely unique in the life- and holiday-style offered on Cavallo Island. Here you are far from everything and close to nothing, plunged in an experience that cuts daily thoughts off. This experience is so intense and regenerating that somebody even defined it  as “the real wealth of the Cavallo Island”, or its “power”, because anyone who tunes with the Island rarely does not come back to this place to enjoy it again.

This tiny island, surrounded by crystal clear water with the snow-white seabed, offers 1.5 km of wild beaches and hidden coves. Pink and gray of the rocks stand in contrast to the white of the seabed, creating a natural setting of extreme beauty. The air is filled with the aroma of maquis, a scrubland that dominates the local native vegetation.
The island’s wildlife is protected by law and much attention is paid to maintain the unique coastal landscape with its wild beaches, inlets, and coves: boats are not allowed to land in outside the port and umbrellas and other beach accessories are not to be used.
An atmosphere of serenity and quietness that prevails here makes Cavallo ideal for those who want to escape the crowds and frenetic pace of life and to get in contact with nature. Here the rhythms of human life regain their native pace and synchronize with this of the Earth.